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    Up to thousand chances to win
    millions every month

  • Share with three friends

  • Free bonus Blitz lines

    To always-winning ticket

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per month or free if you introduce 3 paying friends.

  • Syndicate playing the world's biggest lotteries
  • Millions in guaranteed jackpot every month
  • 708 entries per month
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Choose Your Syndicate Option

  • LottoSpring

    € 228 Million

    EuroMillions 132x
    EuroJackpot 45x
    Lines per week
    Lines per month
    Blitz points
    1 Level
    Per month or free if you
    introduce 3 paying friends.
    Play now
  • VIP ProSpring

    € 850 Million

    EuroMillions 132x
    EuroJackpot 45x
    MegaMillions 30x
    PowerBall 52x
    Lines per week
    Lines per month
    Blitz points
    9 Levels
    Ranking system
    6 Stars
    Giveaway tickets
    Per month or free if you
    introduce 3 paying friends.
    Play now
  • ProSpring

    € 417 Million

    EuroMillions 132x
    EuroJackpot 45x
    MegaMillions 30x
    Lines per week
    Lines per month
    Blitz points
    6 Levels
    Ranking system
    2 Stars
    Giveaway tickets
    Per month or free if you
    introduce 3 paying friends.
    Play now

Guaranteed monthly prizes

As a social lotto you get extra rewards for recommending and sharing LottoSpring. For every person joining a syndicate as a result of your personal recommendation or social sharing, you receive 300 Blitz points. And each 300 points converts into 1 Blitz ticket and is entered in a special draw once a month, with prizes ranging from a minimum of € 1 for matching zero numbers (that’s right, each ticket wins a prize) up to € 50.000.

Match Fixed prize
€ 50.000
€ 1.000
€ 100
€ 10
€ 3
€ 1

Points distribution

First number represents how much points you get for player with active LottoSpring syndicate subscription, second number represent player with ProSpring syndicate and third number is for VIP ProSpring players. Stars represent your earned rank. To qualify for star ranks you need to have invited the requisite number of members in your winning team.

LottoSpring syndicate

Directly Referred Players 300 / 300 / 300

ProSpring syndicate

Frontline 300 / 600 / 600 300 / 600 / 600
Levels 2 - 6 100 / 200 / 200 100 / 225 / 225

VIP ProSpring syndicate

Frontline 300 / 600 / 1000 300 / 600 / 1000 300 / 600 / 1000 300 / 600 / 1000 300 / 600 / 1000 300 / 600 / 1000
Levels 2 - 6 100 / 200 / 400 100 / 225 / 450 100 / 225 / 500 100 / 225 / 500 100 / 225 / 500 100 / 225 / 550
Level 7 20 / 30 / 50 20 / 30 / 50 20 / 30 / 50
Level 8 20 / 30 / 40 30 / 40 / 50

Draw results

Blitz lines consist of 5 randomly generated numbers. Points are converted to tickets on last Friday every 4 weeks at 14:00. Friday's Blitz draw results are derived from the first five numbers drawn in EuroJackpot.

Example of EuroJackpot results

  • 18
  • 25
  • 28
  • 34
  • 42
  • 10
  • 11

Example of Blitz draw results

  • 18
  • 25
  • 28
  • 34
  • 42

Play for free

LottoSpring is a social lotto, which means you play with friends and win bonus prizes when they win. We are also the only lotto syndicate that will buy all your syndicate games for you if you have friends who play with you.

LottoSpring has social sharing buttons which use Facebook and other social media channels to share the game with others. If there are 3 people playing in a syndicate as a result of your recommendation or social sharing, then you play for free – simple as that.

Get three, play for free

  • 1

    Player must have at least 3 directly referred players (DRP) in the same period as him/herself.

  • 2

    Qualified players will be refunded their subscriptions on the last day of every 4 week period.

  • 3

    If player has LottoSpring syndicate subscription, he can only get a maximum refund of the retail price of € 39, no matter what level of membership have his DRPs.

  • 4

    If player has ProSpring syndicate subscription, he can get a partial refund of € 39 if less then 3 of his DRPs are ProSpring or VIP ProSpring. Player will get full refund in the amount of € 69 if at least 3 of his DRPs are ProSpring or VIP ProSpring.

  • 5

    If player has VIP ProSpring syndicate subscription, he can get a partial refund of € 39 if less then 3 of his DRPs are ProSpring or VIP ProSpring. Player can get partial refund in the amount of € 69 if he has at least 3 ProSpring DRPs, but less than 3 VIP ProSpring DRPs. Player will get a full refund in the amount of € 129 if he has at least 3 VIP ProSpring DRPs.

Purchased product of your directly referred players
LottoSpring ProSpring VIP ProSpring
Your product LottoSpring
3 Players
€ 39 Refund
3 Players
€ 39 Refund
3 Players
€ 69 Refund
VIP ProSpring
3 Players
€ 39 Refund
3 Players
€ 69 Refund
3 Players
€ 129 Refund

Fast Start Infinity

LottoSpring rewards you with Blitz Points for building a winning team of players in your social circles. These Blitz Points create “Winning Tickets” that each month is worth Guaranteed Prizes of between €1 & €50,000. Our Fast Start Bonus allows Pro and VIP members to gain between 5% and 15% Extra Blitz Points, Forever! To get the Fast Start Bonus you have to refer 3 Players within your First 30 – 90 Days after joining as Pro or VIP.

How to Get Fast Start Infinity

From the day you join as Pro or VIP you have up to 90 Days to refer 3 players at the same Status as you. Not only does this mean that you’re playing for FREE but it also means that from the next Game Period onwards you will be getting a bonus on all your Blitz Points. These Points will be earned from the activity of all Members of Equal or Lower Status to yourself. If you refer three players within your First 60 Days, then you are entitled to 10% Fast Start Bonus, and if you do it within 30 Days, then you will be permanently rewarded with 15% Bonus Blitz Points.

The higher Your Status, the more Fast Start Bonuses for you…

Your Status Receive 5% - 15% Blitz Bonus On Syndicate Memberships of:
VIP VIP - PRO - Lotto
Pro PRO - Lotto

The Faster you refer your first 3 Players, the greater your bonus…

3 Active Players in your first: 30 Days 60 Days 90 Day
Permanent Bonus Blitz Increase 15% 10% 5%

Fast start Training

Once you Join as a Pro or VIP Member, you will be given our Fast Start Training, which will arm you with full details about LottoSpring, our Prize Income Plan and how to get started.

Keep the Bonus Blitz Point Status, as long as you remain active…

This Bonus applies on a continuous, monthly basis until you miss 2 or more consecutive periods. Otherwise, you are awarded Bonus Blitz Points for LIFE.

Personal Referral Bonus

If you share with three you “Play for FREE” with our massive referral rewards. But what if you personally refer more than just 3?

Our Personal Referral Bonus is a series of One-Off Blitz Points Bonuses for hitting Key Personal Referral Targets.

LottoSpring is an easy-to-share, Mass Market Game and you can soon have a growing list of people playing in your direct social circles.

Earn up to 144,000 Blitz Points by sharing with others.

Refer New Syndicate Members of any Status

It doesn’t matter if the people you refer are Lotto, Pro, or VIP, as each one counts towards your One-Off Bonus when you reach that key target.

The more people you refer, the more people they refer and the bigger your team grows. If we refer players directly then, each new referral would cost us money to convert. But you doing that for us means we are happy to share our cost saving with you by way of numerous money-making benefits. The following table shows you our One-Off Blitz Bonuses:

The following table shows you our One-Off Blitz Bonuses:

Personal Playing Referrals 3 9 12 25 50 99 Total
Bonus Blitz Tickets
You are
playing for FREE
10 20 50 100 300 480 Blitz Tickets
Bonus Blitz Points already 3,000 6,000 15,000 30,000 90,000 144,000 Blitz Points

The world’s best syndicate system

With just one affordable monthly subscription, LottoSpring offers you a better way to play and win some of the world’s richest lottos. Our unique syndicates are automatically made up of 97 players from all over the world. Each member wins an equal share of every prize won, from up to 1036 entries, every single month. Which puts you in games up to 6 days per week.

There are 3 simple syndicate options to choose from each with greater games, prizes, and Blitz benefits and more days of the week you can win.

Syndicate benefits

Each syndicate subscription comes with its own unique benefits, including which games you are entered in, how often, and how many Blitz points (and free Blitz tickets) you earn when you share with others. It also unlocks free givaway tickets and sharing benefits.

LottoSpring ProSpring VIP ProSpring
Lottery lines per month 708 828 1036
Maxium Blitz points per person 300 600 1,000
Lottery draws per month 13 21 29
Price € 39 or Free € 69 or Free € 129 or Free

Jackpot prizes

All prizes won by the syndicate games are shared equally between the 97 participants of the syndicate. However, in the case of jackpot wins (the top prizes of our 4 major syndicate lotto’s) where the prizes are hundreds of millions, 65% of the Jackpot is shared between the syndicate equally. The other 35% is shared with the people who introduced you to LottoSpring. This is great because it means when you introduce other people they often end up in different syndicates. Which gives you a thousand more changes to get a slice of the multimillion jackpot draws.

Global jackpot wins

When you share LottoSpring with your friends, you get a 10% share of their lucky jackpot win even if your own syndicate doesn’t win. We call this Multi-Wins and it’s unique to LottoSpring.

When your friends join you, they could end up in a different syndicate to yours and that’s a good thing, because you now have the potential to win a share of a jackpot from not just your own syndicate, but also every other syndicate in which you have a friend in.

Get your share of jackpot wins

When you subscribe to either our ProSpring or VIP ProSpring syndicates, it gets even better. As it entitles you to have a share of the multimillion jackpot prizes won in any syndicate in your team. If you introduce someone and their syndicate wins a jackpot prize in any of the games, whatever the person you invited wins, you get a 10% bonus prize on top. As well as that you can also get a 5% bonus jackpot prize from winners who are below them, down to 5 additional levels.

Imagine if you shared LottoSpring with just 5 friends who join and play. Your friends have the same opportunity as you do and so they too can personally share LottoSpring with their friends to get all the sharing benefits of LottoSpring. Pretty soon you could have tens, hundreds or even thousands of people enjoying LottoSpring in hundreds or even thousands of different syndicates.

The more friends you personally refer the more syndicates you can win from. Depending on the syndicate, each syndicate offers between 708 and 1036 chances to win jackpot prizes every single month. That means you can literally multiply your jackpot winning potential by thousands or even tens of thousands of times.

Sharing made easy

You don’t have to be an internet marketer or a tech-savvy geek to win big every week with LottoSpring. Our free, tried and tested, "done-for-you" automated marketing system even helps you to share your excitement about LottoSpring with the world.

It’s designed to help you share LottoSpring with your friends so that you can play for free, get free guaranteed winnings with Blitz points and get a big Multi-Wins on your friends' massive jackpot wins.

Automated marketing system

Our free marketing system is easy and effortless even if you have zero experience. All you have to do is use it and you will maximise your winnings. Depending on your syndicate subscription, you get following benefits.

  • 1

    Three engaging landing pages, each with a high-quality dedicated video, to help you professionally share the LottoSpring syndicates & opportunity.

  • 2

    Two comprehensive websites, with extensive information and FAQs to showcase our ground-breaking lotto syndicates and business opportunity to your prospects.

  • 3

    Multiple, fully-automated and professionally-written email follow up sequences run by the company to convert your visitors to customers and affiliates.

  • 4

    Free giveaway game tickets for prospecting new players and affiliates.

  • 5

    Free webinar system that presents the LottoSpring business opportunity to your prospects 24/7 - making you money even while you sleep.

  • 6

    Automated and company-funded re-targeted advertising to optimise your traffic into sales and commissions.

Remember, the more players you share, the bigger your player base becomes. That means more Blitz points for guaranteed wins and more jackpot Multi-Wins, month after month passively and on autopilot.

  • Why choose LottoSpring

    LottoSpring is a well established and experienced operator which has served thousands of satisfied players. We’re proud to offer the players who use our service a fair chance of a life-changing win. All lottery Jackpots won with LottoSpring are paid by the official State Lottery operator, so if your lucky numbers come up you can be safe in the knowledge that your winnings are secure.

  • Security

    Play with us and not only will your money be safe, any details you provide us with will be too. Here at LottoSpring, we take the security of your personal information extremely seriously. Using the world-leading digital security certificate provider Comodo® 256-bit SSL, as well as undertaking regular security audits, we ensure that whatever personal information you enter on our website is in the safest hands in cyberspace. The only time we ever want our players to feel tense is when their numbers are being called!

  • Bonuses & VIP rewards

    We’re passionate about ensuring that our players can get something back when they use our service, whether they win or lose. With bonus offers including Play for free and Blitz tickets playing with LottoSpring is a value for money proposition.

Latest winners
  • € 166,90

    Pavels J.



  • € 45,60

    Kreis F.



  • € 24,40

    tommy H.


    Lotto 6/49

  • € 20,60

    Serhii K.



  • € 19,70

    geraldine W.



  • € 17,70




  • € 17,70

    Almir V.



  • € 17,70

    Dieter Wolfgang S.



  • € 17,70

    Uphagen E.



  • € 17,20

    Ingus L.




Exciting New Bonuses at LottoSpring!

Attention everybody!! Over the past few months we’ve been talking a lot about big, exciting changes that are coming to LottoSpring and now it’s time to tell you exactly what they are and how they will benefit you. Here’s a short summary of what to expect… We’ve decided to boost your rewards for referring new

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which syndicate can I play?

    Our main products are three lottery syndicates: LottoSpring, ProSpring and VIP ProSpring. These games are based on some of the world’s most popular lotteries, like EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, MegaMillions and PowerBall. To start enjoying these games all you need to do is join any of our syndicates.

  • What is the difference between LottoSpring, ProSpring and VIP ProSpring?

    The LottoSpring syndicate allows you to play in two lottery games, whilst the ProSpring syndicate includes three lotteries and the VIP ProSpring syndicate offers you four lottery games.

    With ProSpring and VIP ProSpring subscriptions you will also receive even more guaranteed-win Blitz tickets. In addition to these extra free wins, ProSpring and VIP Prospring players also benefit from our Ranking System and giveaway tickets, which can help you build your winning team, allowing you to play for free and enjoy more frequent wins.

    VIP ProSpring adds VIP Support as well as VIP webinars – it’s a priceless upgrade for anyone who wants to take their winnings to the next level.

  • How do I get started?

    You can start right away by selecting your syndicate subscription (LottoSpring, ProSpring or VIP ProSpring), and there you have it – you’re up-and-running. We will then send you emails and instructions that tell you what you need to know to build a winning team that will enable you to play for free.

  • How do I build my Social Circles and get benefits?

    We make building your Social Circles easy by giving you social sharing buttons to spread the word about LottoSpring and your own personal website address to invite people to. Whenever these people join your winning team and then invite their own contacts to join, your Social Circles grow and we reward you with free Blitz tickets and subscription refunds. This is how our players can keep on winning without paying a cent.

  • How do I get free Blitz tickets?

    Use our social lotto sharing buttons and invite people into your Social Circles. Every single person with active syndicate subscription in your winning team earns you points, which convert into free Blitz ticketss — special tickets that win you prizes even if you don’t match a single number correctly.

    Numbers Match Fixed prize
    5 € 50.000
    4 € 1.000
    3 € 100
    2 € 10
    1 € 3
    0 € 1
  • How can I cancel my syndicate subscription?

    If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, simply log in, navigate to My Games, click on the "View ticket" button next to the product you want to unsubscribe from and confirm by clicking the "Cancel subscription" button in the upper-right corner. Please note that once you have cancelled your subscription you will no longer be eligible to receive prizes or Blitz points.


  • I’ve been a ProSpring member since pre-launch. I no longer wish I could win lotto, I look forward every wednesday and saturday morning to the smile on my face as I see my consistent winnings piling up – now almost € 1000.

    Rodger Y.

    Great at some of my team and I had a meeting about taking the business to the next level and starting to talk and sign more people up so it come just at the right time, well done!

    David B.

    With nearly € 3500 in winnings for me and only ever having paid once. ProSpring lotto is a sure winner for everyone.

    Kevin W.

  • I have been playing now for 20 weeks. I have won something in every draw. Total winnings now over € 2000 and its the same for my wife. Never in all my 67 years have I had so much fun playing lotto. I used to play and hope to win, now I play and expect to win. Oh and did I mention I play for free! Thanks LottoSpring for putting together this system. Exciting times ahead!

    Paul M.

    Playing the EuroMillions lottery game with LottoSpring concept is the only way to go. BIG prizes are very hard to win. I played the game for several years cost me 24 pounds a month never won a dime but since I joined LottoSpring I have won something every game plus I play for free.

    Andy C.

    Nearly € 3000 for me so far and only ever paid once now I play for free every week and the proceeds are paying for a nice holiday to Athens this summer :)

    Kevin W.

  • Another win for me last night. I think there has only been one week I haven't won. LottoSpring the only way to play the lottery, cheaper and more chances of winning.

    Hayley P.

    I have done other lottery for years and never won. I started with this lottery and won € 1000. Now I am waiting for my next win. It will happen. That I am sure of. I would like to treat my family with my next win as they have helped me over the years when money was scarce.

    Irene K.

    While people in Russia are not as familiar with Lotto Games as in Europe, it’s been an exciting eye opener for me and my friends. I’ve won several times now and my free Blitz Bets are increasing each month. I’m crossing my fingers for a massive win, thanks Lottospring.

    Sergey B.