Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to register?

By registering with, you open a free and non-committal online account. Your customer data, products, numbers and personal details are stored in this account. Register now and enjoy unlimited access to your account anytime!

How can I register?

Please click on Register and follow the instructions. It has never been simpler!

Can I play legally from my Country? is a fully licensed Gambling operator and can accept players from all over the world apart from United States, France, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and a few others. Please visit our Terms & Conditions to see a full list of countries.

I have forgotten my password / I can not log in. What now?

If you have forgotten your password, then please reset your password. If your account has been blocked, please contact our customer service at

How can I change or modify my personal details?

If you would like to change or modify your personal details, please click on My account after you have logged in.

What should I do if I am experiencing technical problems?

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please contact our customer support on

What happens when the draw countdown runs out?

Once the draw closure countdown reaches 00:00:00, no more entries can be added for that draw. Draws are based on the number drawn in the EuroMillions draw every Tuesday and Friday. However, LottoSpring is a totally different and independent game which is using the numbers of Euromillions to maintain transparency and media coverage of the outcomes. Draws are on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9.30pm CET; however, the cut off times to enter these draws are 7.20pm CET. Any LottoSpring subscriptions created after this time will be entered in to the following draw.


What payment options do you have?

We offer many different payment options, these can vary from country to country. Please go to the deposit page after you have logged in to see which are available in your area. Current Options are Mastercard, Visa, Puggle Pay, Skrill, Netteller, Qiwi, Yandex and other payments types we are bringing on board to make our opportunity truly global.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept all currencies. Please note that once you have chosen your account currency it cannot be changed.

Does this mean I will be charged in Euro?

Yes. All transactions are charged in Euros. Prices displayed in other currencies are for informative purposes only and are updated daily according to actual exchange rates.

Do you store my credit card details?

No. We do not store your billing information on our servers for security reasons. We only store a card reference code, provided to us by our bank. We can use this code to rebill your credit card, if you have an active subscription, but we do not see or know your credit card number.

Playing the Game

How will I know if I've won?

After the results are published we send an email to all our customers with active entries. You can also check your winnings after logging on to your account and visiting the "Winnings" section. In the case of larger prizes we will most certainly give you a call and give you the good news in person.

How are the numbers chosen?

You choose 5 Numbers from a range of 1 to 50 and then 2 Bonus Numbers from 1 to 12. We then match these combinations of numbers against the real drawn numbers and bonus numbers. We then pay you prizes based on the number of matches you achieved.

LottoSpring Membership

What is a LottoSpring Membership?

LottoSpring is a Membership where you subscribe to play our Social Lotto Game Continuously until you win or make so much money you just don’t care anymore. LottoSpring Operates on a 4 week subscription basis. Each 4 weeks we take a payment from your Card or your LottoSpring Account Balance to pay for the next 4 weeks of play.

How can I cancel a subscription?

Simply login to your account and go to "Dashboard" and click on Manage & Upgrade and then click on "Deactivate". Please note that all bets placed via the subscription prior to its cancellation cannot be cancelled or refunded.

What if the payment attempt fails?

If we fail to charge your credit card (or any other associated payment method) for the next billing cycle of the subscription, we'll inform you about this via email. We'll attempt to charge your credit card one more time after 48 hours from the 1st attempt and no later than the cut-off time of the next draw. If this second attempt also fails we'll automatically put your subscription on hold.

Winnings & Payouts

How can I be sure I’ll receive my winnings? is a fully licensed gambling operator; all your entries are insured by the best-respected insurance hedging companies in Europe.

How and when do I get my prize if I win?

Your player account will be credited with any winnings immediately after the results have been announced. In the case of Jackpot and Syndicate Prize winnings, it could take an addition 48 hours to follow our strict and audited Big Prize Pay Out Procedure with our Auditors to ensure all prizes awarded are perfectly in line with our terms and conditions.

How do I claim the Jackpot if I win?

If you win the Jackpot or any second tier prize you'll need to fill out a claim form for our insurers. Once the form is submitted, you should receive your money within 2 weeks.

How do I withdraw my winnings from my account?

You can withdraw your winnings at any time by transferring them from your account to your personal bank account or your Skrill account.

Withdraw funds

What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limit?

Due to the cost of bank charges and the administrative cost of sending money by bank transfer we only process pay outs of €30 or greater. We also advise that you avoid if possible withdrawals of less than €100 but leave this to your discretion to ensure your receiving bank does not apply excess incoming payment fees. Please be informed that we are adding new pay out methods in the near future which will help both the speed, cost and convenience of withdrawing money from LottoSpring. While 95% of payments arrive to your bank within 3 working days, some banks and countries could take significantly longer. The value of any awards or bonuses cannot be withdrawn.

Security and privacy

Is my personal data and credit card information secure?

It is our responsibility and priority to make sure all information and details provided by our customers are dealt with in high confidentiality and stored using a secure method. We do not store your credit card information on our servers.

Does disclose my data to any third party or person?

Under no circumstances will disclose a customer’s confidential information to any third party or person unless it is required for legal purposes.

How secure are my details?

We always use a secure server system to exchange information to ensure all transactions are handled with the highest security.

Legal information

Do I need to pay tax on my winnings?

We always advise that you consult your local tax authority to find out more about your local tax regulations.

Can LottoSpring handle my tax related issues? does not advise any of its customers on tax regulations. Please consult your local tax authority.

Who is the owner of this website?

This website is owned by LottoSpring a branded Trading Style of Nexus Group International Limited.